Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This is a book narrated by a girl named Ananka Fishbein, when the story starts she is twelve years old living in New York City. One Saturday morning she happens to glance out of her window and sees a huge hole that has swalowed part of a park. Leaning out to get a better look she sees a tiny thing caked with much that jumps out of the hole and waves to her. She stuffs her feet in snow boots and throws on a coat, running out into the street to see what the mysterious hole contains. What she has stumbled apon is a huge secret, a city under New York, but she has no idea how big.

Recruted by the mysterious Kiki Strike - who seems to have been able to bypass all social protocals in her school by not being one of the Rich Girls or one of the Scholarship Students, like Ananka, whose great-grandfather invented... top control pantyhose but left the money in a trust fund that provides his family with a top notch education and nothing else, but who outsmarted himself (none of his descendants share his love of money, prefering to stay in school all their lives) - to join a group of girls called the Bank Street Irregulars, Ananka discovers that Kiki was the one who jumped out of the hole and that the other four girls were recruited to help explore the city Ananka and Kiki rediscovered - the Shadow City - and the six are sucked into an adventure none of them could've dreamed of. This book is an amazing debut novel by Kirsten Miller, the plot twists amazingly and, like all good books, it has a conspiracy theory surrounding it - 'is Kirsten real?' fans ask, 'does Ananka really exist?' If you've already read it make sure to check out the homepage and Ananka's Diary!